You fought like warrior poets. You will not be forgotten.   Westmont Hilltop.

Thank you for having the will to fight.
Julia E. Gonzales, homemaker, Michigan.

Thank You for Becoming America's Guardian Angels on That Evil Day.  William Lahommedieu, RN.


Source: Henry Hazlitt Foundation




Heroism in Action

The national disaster of 2001 comes vividly back to mind during the motion picture, United 93.  The film gives a gripping account of how passengers rose to the occasion on September 11 as four hijackers flew a suicide mission against the US capitol.  By analogy, furthermore, Flight 93 offers insight into the postmodernist takeover of our country.

Suppose that no one among the 40 passengers and crew on the fuel laden Flight 93 had fought the good fight to regain command?  Suppose they had preferred compliance to heroic defiance?  Surely then the hijackers would have killed and wounded more innocent people.  Our national heritage would have been wounded too if the historic structures on Capitol Hill had been hit.  The chambers that echoed Daniel Webster’s stirring orations, and where Abraham Lincoln proposed his “spot resolutions,” would have suffered the fate of the twin towers and the Pentagon.

Similarly if we are apathetic, afraid, or otherwise unwilling to oust the oligarchy that has hijacked the nation, and whose leaders are steering the country down into the vortex of ruination, then, alas, the legacy to our children and grandchildren will be devoid of genuine liberty.  Much less of America’s marvelous heritage will live.  Nor will posterity know how it feels to be governed in a real republic.

Todd “let’s roll” Beamer and his fellow insurgents stormed the cockpit on 9/11.  Likewise let us the citizens, the majority onboard, recapture the helm and redirect our country away from her rendezvous with ruin.

 © May 2006



Such a rescue operation is the subject of the book, Treatise on Twelve Lights: To Restore America the Beautiful under God and the Written Constitution.  In addition to recapturing the ship of state and restoring it to fit political leadership, the book is also about renewal – about returning to port, where “we the people” can renovate the hull and refit the rigging.

For free internet access to the full text of Treatise on Twelve Lights, please click here or on the icon below.  This book is interactive, with many hyperlinks, including an interactive table of contents for each chapter – so the reader should feel no obligation to look at all 1000 pages.  As you peruse, do enjoy the many photographs and the audio-visuals.

And please do not keep this book a secret.  By informing others you advance the cause.




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