Bolstering the Second Amendment


At no time since the Constitution was written has the federal government been so intrusive and untrustworthy.  Stealing from the public trough, theft of power, social engineering, snooping, and warmongering are among the list of abuses inflicted on the American people by federal officials masquerading as public servants.

When topsy-turvy government gets its Biblically ordained role backwards (Romans 13:3-4) – namely to reward good citizenship and punish evildoers – when it instead favors what is destructive and evil; then it is time for citizens to bolster their own self-reliance and “provide new guards for their future security.”  (Declaration of Independence)

A key component in realistic self reliance is the citizen’s right to private property, and particularly to the legal means and physical wherewithal to defend one’s life and property.  Here the Second Amendment has long empowered citizens to protect themselves.  But with usurpation of power increasingly the order of the day, including adulteration of the Constitution by adjudication, we would do well to safeguard liberty for ourselves and for our posterity by means of a bullet proof bolstering of the Second Amendment.

Unless we add some specifics, explaining with more precision what it means to keep and bear arms, sooner or later the high priests of political correctness will devolve Second Amendment rights into dead letters.  The reduction of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments is sure historical evidence that we the people would be foolish to trust black-robed oligarchs to honor the spirit of generalizations set forth with imprecision in the Constitution.

In reinforcing Second Amendment rights, let us put our trust in a reinforced Constitution, and in the principle of states rights.  A decentralized policy would provide for wide constitutional parameters, enabling each state government to fine tune its own policy on gun ownership.  As a nationally mandated minimum, however, let us guarantee every U.S. citizen in good standing a right of ownership embracing "revolvers; or semi-automatic pistols, rifles, and shotguns; or weapons of lesser potency." 

For the prototype text of a constitutional amendment bolstering Second Amendment rights, click hereBenefits to society from a constitutional clarification would include:


·         Deterring criminals contemplating robbery or an assault – to the extent that their intended victims are free to be well armed.

·         For homeowners – reassurance of the means of self-defense, without having to rely solely on a police response, which lags dangerously in more than a few cases.

·         For citizens generally – accentuation of the spirit of independence that derives from armed self-reliance.

·         For our liberties – more credible deterrence whenever government is tempted toward tyranny.


On this latter point the Founding Fathers had plenty of personal experience. Some 14 months prior to the composition of the Bill of Rights, the minutemen had stood their ground at Lexington Green.  And at Concord, armed civilians fired the “shot heard round the world.”  It took 6˝ years to defeat British tyranny and put teeth into the fight for liberty, and to be sure there would have been no victory without arms and ammunition.  Afterwards our forefathers and foremothers required no convincing about the crucial importance of a well armed citizenry.

Thus in drawing up the Bill of Rights, the statesmen of 1789 acted upon what was fresh in their memories.  They were careful to include what we still hold dear – the right to keep and bear arms.

© June 2006

Robert Struble, Jr.



 Alas, in our own day a great deal of what our ancestors held dear has been hijacked and diverted from service to God, and from the nation’s best interest.  For us as beleaguered citizens, a commandeered airliner of five years ago offers an heroic parable for the imperative to act.  We too are confronted with a hijacking – the postmodernist takeover of America’s polity, economy and culture.  Like the Flight 93 heroes of 9/11/2001, posterity will thank us if we the people attempt to recapture control of our country’s destiny.  However, unlike the counterattack launched by passengers and crew, and portrayed so vividly in the film United 93, we have more than a few minutes of desperation to put together a plan of attack.

Manifestly our situation calls for careful strategic planning.  By what available means, then, might 21st century Americans launch a counterrevolution against the postmodernist blitz that has so distorted the American dream, and that threatens to confront our children and grandchildren with a national nightmare?  Such questions are addressed in the new online book, Treatise on Twelve Lights: To Restore America the Beautiful under God and the Written Constitution.  In addition to recapturing the ship of state and restoring it to fit political leadership, the book is also about renewal – about returning to port, where we can renovate the hull and refit the rigging.

For free internet access to the full text of Treatise on Twelve Lights, click here or on the icon below.  The link will take you to the Table of Contents.  This book is interactive, with many hyperlinks, including interactive tables of contents for each chapter – so the reader should feel no obligation to look at all 1000 pages.  As you peruse, do profit from the many photographs and the audio-visuals.

And please do not keep this project a secret.  By informing others you advance the cause.





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